The CEO Naturals-Joy Organics line of products lab results can be found here.  Simply look at the bottom of your product and locate the batch number.  Click on the corresponding batch number below.  Alternatively, you can also go to and enter your batch number of your product to see lab results.


Joy Organics Softgels
Product CBD MG Size Batch 
Softgels 300MG Bottle T044
Softgels 300MG Bottle T011
Softgels 750MG Bottle T045
Softgels 750MG Bottle T023
Softgels Sleep 750MG Bottle T040
Softgels Sleep 750MG Bottle T009
Softgels Sleep 750MG Bottle T008
Softgels Joint 750MG Bottle T042
Softgels Joint 750MG Bottle T010


Joy Organics Energy Drink
Product CBD MG Size Batch 
Happy Berry 12.5MG 5 packets 11000


Joy Organics Tinture
Product CBD MG Size Batch 
Tranquil Mint 500MG 30ml HTM500-T157
Orange Bliss 500MG 30ml HTO500-T176
Summer Lemon 500MG 30ml HTL500-T162